Music Room


How To Reserve Space

The LSU School of Music allows current students and employees to reserve a variety of rooms or spaces for institutionally related activities. These activities might include chamber rehearsals, dissertation defenses, official meetings of student organizations such as Kappa Kappa Psi, and more.

To submit a request to reserve a room, please fill out the Room Reservation Request Form. If your need for a space involves an official School of Music event (e.g. a concert or guest artist recital), please fill out the Event Request Form instead. Linked below are room schedules for major School of Music spaces. If you require assistance viewing the calendar or making a reservation, please email, call, or visit the School of Music front office.

Reservations are only finalized after you receive a confirmation in writing from the appropriate staff member. "Walk-in" usage of rooms is not allowed; if you are found using a space without a reservation, you will be asked to leave.


School of Music Building


Music & Dramatic Arts Building

Please note that only the basement and 2nd floor of the Music & Dramatic Arts Building are School of Music-affiliated spaces. All other spaces are controlled by the LSU School of Theatre.


Band Halls

Please note that the Old Band Hall and Tiger Band Hall are Department of Bands-controlled spaces and may be subject to additional staff or director review before a reservation is approved.