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Cracking the Code for Scalable Nanohoops Syntheses


Large scale synthesis of cycloparaphenyleneacetylene carbon nanohoops has been challenging due to the harsh reductive aromatization conditions. Xin Zhou found a way to avoid this problematic step using alkyne metathesis followed by bromination and dehydrobromination. [2021 ChemComm Emerging Investigators Collection]

Zhou ET AL.

Solid-State NMR Views of Chitin and Chitosan in Fungal Pathogens

high-resolution information on the structure of chitin and chitosan in their cellular contexts


Solid-state NMR data were analyzed using principal component analysis and heatmap comparison to investigate the atomic-level structure of chitin and chitosan structures in the alive cells of six types of fungal pathogens.

Fernando ET AL.

Universality of Time-Temperature Scaling Observed by Neutron Spectroscopy on Bottlebrush Polymers

Time-Temperature Scaling Observed by Neutron Spectroscopy on Bottlebrush Polymers

Quasi-elastic neutron scattering detects dynamical processes in the time range of pico to nano seconds in combination with spatial resolution by means of momentum transfers, Q, allowing to track fast vibrations, methyl group rotations and segmental dynamics. We have studied PDMS-g-PDMS in the Q -range of Q ≥ Å-1 and separated the processes based on their temperature scaling. This enabled the combination of all processes across the glass transition temperature resulting in the full proton mean square displacement of the bottlebrush polymers. 

Bichler ET AL.


News and Events

NSF Award

Dr. ElgrishiA team of researchers from LSU and the University of Delaware received a $4M grant from the NSF EPSCOR program to develop chemical manufacturing processes using carbon dioxide feedstocks and renewable energy.  Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi, a project Co-PI, and her research team will be working on the electrode interface, particularly interactions with catalysts and binders to improve selectivity and durability of CO₂ electrolyzers. 

Engineering FEATURE

DOE Award

Dr. Kumar

An LSU and Penn State research team, including LSU Chemistry Associate Professor Revati Kumar, received a $1.5M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a smarter approach to ionic separations, which are important for water treatment, resource recovery, and energy production.

ORED Feature

Southeast Magnetic Resonance Conference

SERMC conference October 22-24

The 49th Southeast Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC) will be held Oct. 22-24, 2021 (virtual). The SEMRC is held every year and rotates among locations in the southeastern region. The conference's focus is the exchange of ideas and recent magnetic resonance research highlights, including new applications and technique development.

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