Girls Day at the Museum | LSU College of Science

Girls Day at the Museum

Wanted: GIRLS who are problem solvers, explorers and hidden gem seekers—for a day of science fun at the LSU Museum of Natural Science. 

The LSU Museum of Natural Science and LSU College of Science invite girls in grades 4 through 6 to apply to LSU’s Girls Day at the Museum: A Virtual Experience.  

This year, Girls Day at the Museum will be a virtual experience that will allow young explorers to learn about the collections at the Museum of Natural Science (MNS) and other nationally known research museums. So, spend a Saturday morning engrossed in a virtual exploration of reptiles, birds, fish and other exciting specimens AND participate in virtual chats with some of LSU’s top women scientists. 

The girls will also receive a Girls Day at the Museum activity pack with everything they need to participate in a guided hands-on learning experience. 

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Parent testimonials:

"I loved this program for my daughter. I was impressed by each aspect. I loved the panel and especially enjoyed Dr. Thomas. Thank you for this program."

"I have received so many tips and valuable insight that I look forward to putting into practice. This has been an awesome experience that will truly benefit my daughter. Thanks!"

"Outstanding program. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity offered to my daughter. Please continue this."

"Guidance on how to encourage their interests in STEM and support their learning was very helpful." 

Photo Gallery:

Four participants posing in front of the photo screen at Girls Day at the Museum.Chelsea Springs holds a Madagascar roach as Julia Whitney pets it.Group of girls standing around the insect display in the LSU Museum of Natural Science.Esha Shah, right, and Jenna Nussbaumer along with other girls create specimens our of clay.

From left to right, Professor Tega Ighedo, Allyson Atkins, Chevi Ebanks, Julia Whitney and Professor Carol Wilson pose for a photo after their snack and chat session.


*These photos were taken before the Coronavirus pandemic.

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This event is part of the Geaux Science Explorations series of outreach activities sponsored by Halliburton and the LSU College of Science.